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Make Life Richer Awards

We were finalists in this years awards!

Community-based awards that celebrate those who “Make Life Richer”.

Gym+Coffee started with a burning passion to build a community around this very idea. We are looking for those people who have this same passion, they share our values and most importantly, they facilitate events and meet-ups to bring people together. The MLR awards aim to recognize and honour the contributions of those who have worked tirelessly to build community, promote health, fitness and wellness, and inspire people to lead active and fulfilling lives.

We want our nominees to represent a diverse range of people and organisations, including fitness trainers, gym owners, event organisers, yogi’s, cafes, volunteers and community leaders who have dedicated themselves to making exercise and socialisation accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Whether it’s organising group runs, yoga classes, or outdoor fitness challenges, our nominees have shown exceptional creativity, passion, and dedication to promoting health and wellness through community building.